Nightman’s Favourite Films By Year



Greetings, Glancers! I really should have done this by now – it’s what movie bloggers do, right? You’re skimming through blogs, you find a site with a catchy name (not mine then), or one which is reviewing one of your favourite films, so you go to the home page and it’s all nicely laid out (again, not like mine). Reviews, About Me, My Favourite Films. Part of me wanted to hold back from doing this until I got further through my Oscars series because when it comes to My Nominations there will be some considerable crossover with my favourite movies, so spoilers all round. In the end though, more people are likely to click on a ‘My Favourite Movies’ list than the Oscars ones, and as I crave attention and get paid zero per click (100 times 0 pounds is a million pounds, right?), I’m going to give the people what they want.

So, coming up on the forthcoming Tuesdays will be me favourite movies per year. In most cases, I’m going to keep it to ten films per year, which will admittedly be very difficult in some years. The movies I will be listing should not be an indicator of quality – this is not my picks of the best movies of the given year, and in fact plenty of the movies in my Top 10s I admit are pretty terrible – doesn’t stop me loving them. What I will say is – the further back in time we go, the more likely it will be that my picks will mirror your standard Best Of list, purely because less movies were made back then versus now, and of those I will have seen fewer. By the time we reach the 80s you’ll be seeing fan favourites over critical favourites.

With regards to going back in time, I’ve decided to pick 1950 as my starting point – while I’ve seen plenty of movies from before then, my choices would be increasingly limited the further I’d go back, and I’d be both repeating too much what everyone chooses and you’d see the same directors and performers over and over. At the time of writing I’ve been adding my high level favourites by year in draft form, and I’ll soon begin cutting them down – there are a number of years starting from the 60s where I could easily have 15 and by the time we reach the 80s in most years I could have twenty picks. There will be at least two years where I will allow myself twenty films – purely because those years have an unusually high number of films I consider among my absolute favourites. Then, by the time we reach the 2000s, that number will likely drop off again as I’ll have either seen fewer movies – alternatively the number of foreign movies will likely increase as I continued to move away from Hollywood’s regurgitations.

Finally, I’m not going to go into any detail on why I chose what I chose – I’ll save that for later. The list will be purely in list form, so you don’t need to worry about me rambling on like I do. So that’s it – a few of my favourite things. You’ll know me a little more. You’ll think I’m that little bit stranger. You’ll wonder how one person could love so many Police Academy movies. Join the fun and let me know your favourites from each year – then I’ll know you’re a weirdo too.

PS – the random T2 pic at the top may or may not have any relevance to this post.

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