Since everyone was making disaster movies in those days, and being trapped underground in the sewers wasn’t a subject that had been tackled yet, Daylight was made. Stallone is an ex fire fighter, trapped with a group of people in a big tunnel, under threat from fire, water, and an imminent explosion which would destroy the section they are in. The film follows the reactions of the different characters, as they struggle with the loss of family members and of each other, with panic, and with the attempt to escape.


The stunts and effects are pretty good, the script and plot are adequate, but the characters are likable enough so that we want to know who gets out and who dies. It’s Stallone’s movie, and he does well in the role playing hero rather than action star, Danielle Harris is excellent as always but has little to do, and Viggo is wildly different from his LOTR character, being a self interested false hero. A decent soundtrack help the movie, but it’s just another attempted summer blockbuster. Not a bad film, and worth watching. The DVD has few extras, but snap this up if your a Stallone fan, or if you’re after some effective action at a cheap price

Feel free to leave any comments on the movie and review- is this one of Stallone’s better 90s movies? Is it one of the better disaster movies?

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