Funny Me Do

Greetings, zzrrrrp! It’s that time again where we can remember some classic jokes from that noted Galaxy famous comedian, The Man’s Daddy. If you like to laugh (cry) then open your ears and LUKE AT THUS!

Q: Why is the planet Mars so red?

A: Because so many ginger people live there!

Q: Why do bees buzz?

A: Because they’re not tuned in properly!

Q: Who does Paul Weller look like?

A: My friend’s dad!

Q: What do you call a monkey with mustard on its hands?

A: Poupon 7!


Funny Me Do!

Listen to this, you slag! In an effort to make a more regular feature on this mistake of a blog I thought I would tell a daily joke. A: Because everyone else does it, and B: because I’m not funny. Do you see?

Then I realised the error of my thought ways and decided that rather than coming up with funnies of mine own, why don’t I just re-post some classics!? So that led me to a stalwart of me younger days- Digitiser. Surely no-one on wordpress would know it (I was mistaken as there are better blogs than mine which mention it- go read them instead).Now anyone who knows me (no-one) knows that I enjoy surreal humour. I grew up with Vic and Bob and and a variety of other shows which my (I assume mostly) US readers will not be familiar with. Digitiser was a television service which was like a cheapo, early version of the interwebs. You went to channel 4, hit the teletext button on yer remote control, and had access to a variety of services- TV guides, quizes, sports, news, and weather channels- some updated daily, some hourly, some rarely. Digitiser was based around the terrifying world of videogames- a daily magazine offering news and reviews. Except that it was written by a couple of mad men. Often times humour came first over gaming journalism, and most of the humour was very surreal and very funny. There were memorable characters, funny pics, and more weirdness than you could shake a giraffe at. By it’s trunk. On top of the hilarious replies to wisdom challenged viewers who would write in (often making fun of their names) some of my fondest memories were the jokes and the fake movie scenes. These would mostly be nonsensical non-sequiters- just the sort of stuff I like and you don’t.

So, for my regular feature I will try to re-post some of these classics and bring the genius to another audience. Who knows, I may even throw in a few jokes of mine own. Moc moc a moc.  Have a taster, love:

Q:Why do whistles go “wheeee”?

A: Air blows through them

Do you see?