UK Top 40 # 24 – 23

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Aarrrggh. I wrote this series of Top 40 posts over the span of three days in the middle of October, and now as you read them, I’m simply posting on a daily basis in November. The original post for this though somehow got deleted or corrupted or eaten – either way, I can’t retrieve what I wrote about the songs, so I’ll just have to summarize – they are both crap. The Fetty thing, I don’t remember a single thing about it, or what I wrote, and I’m fucked if I’m listening to it again. The Platten song, I do remember writing quite a lengthy tirade about the irony of calling her song a fight song, but coming out with such a wimpy, watered down, feeble song, and that if you are going to write a ‘fight song’ then it needs to be filled and fuelled with passion – her song sounds like a single urine drop on a sodden field.

24. 679 – Fetty Wap (never heard of you)


23. Fight Song – Rachel Platten (never heard of you)


Think these are anything other than crap? Let us know in the comments!


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