UK Top 40 # 22 – 21

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22: Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon (never heard of you)

 U2 rip off? Certainly sounds like The Edge. I assumed this would be another dance song. I’m sure I’ve heard parts of this before – comment if this is actually a 2015 song or if it’s older. More likely they’ve taken bits of other songs and slapped them together. It’s fairly happy and bouncy. Nothing exciting, nothing new, though nothing particularly annoying. It appears to be about wanting to have sex.

21: Peanut Butter Jelly – Galantis (never heard of you)


Almost every song I’ve listened to so far (on Youtube) has had a comment saying ‘this is my jam’. I hope I never have to meet you people. This has a fast pace, so far, building, and holy Moo-Ham-Met it doesn’t collapse at the chorus! It has a sustained beat, the backing music has potential, presumably because it is sampled, but the vocals are a joke, the lyrics too. It’s completely generic and like every other chart dance song you’ve heard since 1989. It’s the sort of crap you’d expect to see a new radio station (those still exist, right?) using to advertise itself in the morning ‘Wake up to KBBI Nutsack – all your favourite hits, all your favourite tits!’ It appears to be about sex.

Have I gone insane? Let us know in the commentitiddlydoodly!


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