Wait Until Dark: Should Be Banned

(This review was deleted by IMDb based on an abuse report filed by another user)

This is a quite frankly horrible film which should never have been made. I love horror movies, but this can only be the product of a mind of a monster; a creature which crawled from the rivers of Hades, created by the wrong juices of Satan; a creature without a body, a blob of corruption which was eaten rectally by every murderer and rapist there has ever who in turn sweated out something worse; the sweat then grouped together like T-1000 and was given shape; a shape unimaginable by human eyes; a shape to make the newborn crawl back; a shape to make the insane crazy; a shape, for argument’s sake which we will call Simone Cowell. This ungodly thing decided to make one movie before imploding, a movie so dark you need eyes of sunlight to watch it; A movie so sick that it wasn’t filmed, it was vomited forth. And to top things off, they forced the beautiful Audie Hepburn (singer of Kiss Me) to star in it. Only watch this if you have no eyes, ears, or brain.

Audrey stars as a blind woman who lives alone in a new apartment.

Best Scene: I really can’t find anything to recommend this. It is the second most horrifying thing ever created. Second only to UB40.

Tell it like it is!

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