Disney Songs – Make Mine Music

Disney's “Make Mine Music” on Records |

Make Mine Music. It sounds like the sort of thing a perverted hipster would say to the local tavern wench:

‘What’ll it be, love?’

<With a tip of his Fedora > ‘Make mine music’ <wink wink>

<He is then inexplicably attacked and devoured by a travelling troupe of warthogs>

If you don’t think that’s apt, then you’re forgetting that this movie actually has a segment about a Fedora. Lets just do this.

Make Mine Music‘ has another early Disney choral voice intro. Lots of violins doing one thing, lots of male and female vocals doing their best ghost impressions.

Blue Bayou‘ is much nicer, but the backing vocals are just as bad as ever. There’s something quite nice and dreamy about it, but in the vast Disney canon it’s not one you’ll remember.

All The Cats Join In’ does sort of have vocals, well hums and grunts and ‘doo di doos’. It’s a bouncy Jass cut by Benny Goodman and co. The real vocals come out in the second half – not quite as bad as the choral stuff, but still not great. It’s pretty funky though.

Without You‘ is a bit of a downer, especially after the previous segment. It has a really great intro though, the first thirty seconds especially, before the violins start in earnest. If you’re a regular here then you already know my feelings about smooth male vocals and all that warbling, crooning stuff. I’m sure a lot of wives and mothers and sons and husbands and kids were having these thoughts in WWII, so this feels like a suitable ballad.

Casey At The Bat‘ has those terrible voices again. Again, with an updated vocal performance this might be okay but I just can’t get past the singing here, it’s just awful. There’s a fast part, and a slow part – both have their moments, but sort out the singing, seriously.

Two Silhouettes‘ is Dinah Shore. Annoying and whining violins blot out the good parts. The melody is inconsequential, but at least the singing is better, even if she does sound half cut and half asleep.

Peter And The Wolf’ has the music you all know, with a recital by Winnie The Pooh himself. He introduces the characters and associated instruments and the story itself. It’s fifteen minutes long.

After You’ve Gone‘ is Benny Goodman again – more fast paced jazz, this time clarinet and piano led. The animation is nuts, and so is the music.

Johnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet’ – I told ya. This one is actually quite sweet. There is a great version out there where the vocals have more character and the music isn’t as grating. It feels like a Christmas song. The Andrews Sister original is a little lighter, not as romantic, and of course has the needless choral sound.

Willie The Operatic Whale’ has not-operatic vocals, just some guy pretending. The performance is still very good, but the song is nonsensical by itself – without the visuals. There isn’t much in the way of melody, though it’s pretty long so some pieces are more melodic than others – ‘mama’s little baby’ for example.

Another forgotten entry in the Disney canon and another bunch of forgettable songs. There isn’t one I would recommend out of this lot, but by all means you should see the movie to get the full experience.

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