Nightman Games Presents – F00d B0t and SpaC(e) Head!

Greeting consumers! Nightman Games have a SPEYSHAL SAIL on for 2day onlee! THis slae will last only 4 2days, inlcuding 2day and the other day 42 dAys! Ask mummy and also yes ask Da-dee to take you to the shoppe so that you can be first boy on street 2day2 experience the 4rolic and funs of Nightman Game’s’ ‘ latex gemes!

Game #1 is Fo8d BoT! In this quest, you are FOOD Bort, and you must use the Kempston interface to acquire food bits in your nev-erending quest to acquire fod bits over THREE LEVELS (including Bonus Third Level 3!). Move away from the baddies including Ro8oflybots, green robobofly8ots, and even FAMISHED CHILD to escape into Space Hairdresser. It ais a quest you must complete if you wish to finish the game. Flybot,,, and stunning graphics unheard of in Xbox and PS360! Features 2 player fun where 1 player plays and player 2 can WATCH!

F00d B0t

Game hash 2: is SpaC9hed! Yes, in SpaC(e) Head, you star as Spacship 1 and must traverse hundreds of empty space screens in AMAZING three D movements in order find McCoy the fiend of Spac. Yes, you can travelle north, south, east, or other,and even up or DOwn,, but bemember to mind which screens yo go thro because there is only 1 combination to reach the SpaC(e) Head! Capture stardust particles on your way to Zool and carry out spacship improverments such as faster engine, super wings, big gun, BIG gun, and bigger GUN. Hear the amzing soundtrack now remixed with 8 notes, now incuding A and E. Q is shoot to kill the SpaC(e)Head, whilst W is WAIT, and S equals SUICIDE BOMB. Lightspeed button can only be used 1ce and may will cause game freeeze.

SpaC(e) Head