Best Animated Film: 1965

My Nominations: Gulliver’s Travels Beyond The Moon. Pinocchio In Outer Space. The Man From Button Willow. West And Soda.

Four bizarre nominations from me this year, covering Japan, Belgium, US, and Italy. Gulliver’s Travels was one of the first attempts at a Disney style film from Japanese giants Toei. It is interesting to see an early Japanese animation which retains the nation’s unique style but attempts to tell a Western story in a typically American way. West And Soda is an entertaining animated spaghetti Western which doesn’t take itself very seriously and pokes fun at the genre, both the Italian and American Western. Button Willow is another Western, though this time from the US and telling the story of Justin Eagle. It’s a little bare, and while the songs are entertaining enough, it’s easily forgettable. Pinocchio In Outer Space sounds exactly as you would expect, with typically 60s Martian interaction, and typically bizarre moon sized whales flying about…

My Winner: West And Soda

What is your favourite Animated film of 1965? Let us know in the comments section.