Amazon Vine Freebies – June 2016

Right, time to catch up with my Amazon Freebies. Like being jealous? Enjoy feeling envy? Look below and click the things to see the treats Amazon bestowed upon me in June of last year. In lieu of screenshots I’ve written some ‘hilarious’ Led Zep ‘associations’.

Ultrasport Women’s Jacket (White)Ultrasport Women’s Jacket (White)

Wearing and Tearing

GreenPan Non-Stick Casserole Pot

Custard Pie

Garnier Ambre Solaire Suncream For Kids

Down By The Seaside

Scott Of The Antarctic

White Summer/Black Mountain Side

Star Wars Workbooks – Reading 6/7

Battle Of Evermore

Command Purely Purple Hooks

Gallow’s Pole




Amazon Vine Freebies – February 2015

Slim Pickings this month folks, have a jook!

Monster High Haunted Getting Ghostly Twyla: Yet another Monster High Doll for my girls to play with, and flawlessly designed once again

Ultrasport Tennis Tape Grip – White: As I don’t watch tennis I’m not really sure what this is for, I assume it’s some sort of lasso to swing and catch your opponent as you try to win a touchdown. My wife and her sister are both tennis champions so maybe they can use it to score as many holes in one as possible!

91Xc4dVUUQL._SL1500_Do you like free stuff? Get writing for Amazon and maybe you can get some freebies too!

Amazon Vine Freebies – December 2014

Yikes, I’m still way behind on posting these things, and I know the envious among you will be getting ants in thy pants. So here you go, a list of free stuff Amazon gave me for my ingenious reviewing skills. It’s always good to get that little something extra at Christmas.

Ultrasport Women’s Luca Winter Jacket – Black, Small:

For some reason even though we have this, and I’ve reviewed it, the page doesn’t exist on Amazon so I’ve no idea how the hell anyone is meant to buy it. It’s a great coat though, wife loves it.

Doozers – Meet The Pod Squad DVD:


Weird Henson created learning adventures

Pajanimals – Meet The Pajanimals DVD:


Weird Henson created learning adventures

Luceco GU10 3 Watt LED Lamp 260 lm 2700 K Non Dimmable, Pack of 3, Warm White:



Ultrasport Women’s Melbourne Tennis Dress – White, X-Small:


My wife’s an ex-Tennis champ so this is good for her when she goes for a few sets.

McAfee Total Protection 2015 – 1 PC Frustration-Free Packaging:

Keeps me free from disease!

Amazon Vine Freebies – July 2014

One month closer to the big Vine shake up, and one final month of frantic 8pm F5ing. July was an improvement over June, which wasn’t very difficult given June’s scant offerings:

Fisher-Price Nursery Rhymes Projector Lightshow:

It’s a crib projector which plays songs, tells stories, and projects images onto the ceiling to disturb your baby to sleep.

Ultrasport Men’s Men Function Softshelljacket – Victoria/Blue, Small:

It’s a coat for the tiny man, smooth like a horse’s neck. I gave it to my wife.


H2D VI Professional Ionic and Infrared Hair Straighteners:

It’s a very good set of straigheners. Not to be used on horses.


Philips Disney Princess Children’s Night Light and Projector – 1 x 0.1 W Integrated LED:

It’s a projector which doesn’t play music or tell stories, but projects images onto the ceiling to disturb your baby to sleep – with added Princesses!