UK Top 40 # 6 – 5

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After over 30 songs, I’ve finally found one I liked in the last post. Lets hope we get one more.

6: Wasn’t Expecting That – Jamie Lawson (never heard of you)


Ok guitars. Disaster vocals. I wasn’t expectinah? Sounds like that fool from Fine Young Cannibals crossed with Tracey Chapman. The melodies are ok, the introduction of the piano is nice, but the vocals are dreadful. It’s another song that is clearly supposed to be emotive and emotional, but falls completely flat for me. It tells a sad story yes, but the music and vocals need to be better. It appears to be about death.

5: The Hills – The Weekend (never heard of you)

I’ve heard one of this guy’s songs already, right? I can’t remember. Moaning vocals from inside a box, annoying clicks and squeals as backing music. Chorus marginally better. It feels moody, which I like, but it’s more generic sex crap. I actually like the high pitched piece in the middle, probably because it’s a complete (unintentional) rip of Kate Bush. If the lyrics were actually about something, and if the irritating noises were replaced then this would be decent. It appears to be about sex.

We’re almost done. What has everyone thought so far? Let us know in the comments!

UK Top 40 # 14 – 13

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14: Downtown – Mackelmore (Aware of you, but never heard any of your stuff)


Pianos. More pianos and horns. Words. Beats. More words. I’d need to listen a few times to catch the lyrics. Softer singing. Too many words and zero interesting music. It’s basically a crap 5th grade poem recited to the sound of the school bell ringing. It’s probably about sex.

13: Can’t Feel My Face – The Weekend (never heard of you)

Ok introduction. But yet again, another song that builds up to an anti-chorus. This must be the scourge of modern music. It’s ok to do it as a one-off, if there’s a purpose, but it’s nonsense when 80% of the music in the charts is doing the same thing. It’s another lame attempt at sounding like Jackson, but without any of the emotion, ingenuity, or originality. Vocals are fine, melodies are bland and forgettable. It appears to be about sex.

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