The Happets – Play With Colours

*Originally written in 2011 based on a free copy provided by Amazon – buy here
My daughter is still too young to read or even be very interested at looking at a book for too long, but it is never too early to let your child get used to the idea and touch of a book. In that case a book should be bright, colourful, and preferably have something extra to spark and hold their interest. Play With Colours (The Happets) meets all of the criteria- the wrigi is big and bold, and the illustrations are very colourful. As for the added extra, we have a felt/cloth poking from each page which the child can feel, tug,and squeeze. Each page depicts a different character, each character is colour coded, and each pop-out cloth matches the design of the character it represents so your child can learn to understand colours and matching.
Once older your son or daughter will want to know what the words mean and what the story is. At the moment my daughter likes to watch my mouth when I sing, but will only stay on my lap for a page or two of reading, even with a variety of funny voices employed. This book basically gives a description of each character and their favourite things, all linked to their core colour. Whatever the character says they like, such as a blue kite, will be shown on the page so you can point at each item and repeat what it is. Each page then is a repeat of the one before, but with a new creature, colour, and likes, but each description ends with a fun ‘THAT’S ME!’ which you can shout together.
My only warning is that the book seems to be made of extra tasty paper- my daughter loves to chew this one more than any other, but once that phase passes this will be a great book to share. For reading time that is, not tea time.
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Amazon Vine Freebies: July 28th 2011

*Note – For some reason this wasn’t posted at the time of writing 4 years ago, so I’m adding it now, with bonus content! Enjoy!*

The rumours of laptops proved unfounded once again as we were left with 10 pages of books and software. I wish I had more time to check out some of these new authors, but alas. I went for a couple of items which should be easy to get through and review:

Black Sheep

A Russian movie of some sort. Update! I watched this a few year back, and thoroughly enjoyed it – a decent small scale war movie with lots of action and emotion.

The Happets, Play With Colours:

 A felt children’s book to help teach kids about colours. This should come in handy for my 7 month daughter. Update! My daugher is now 4, and my second daughter is 2. Neither particularly enjoyed this book, but it’s still bright and fun.