Bands I’ve Seen Live – F

Out of the bands I’ve seen beginning with the letter F, there is really only one band I would pay to see, although I wouldn’t have any problem seeing any of them again with the exception of Fat Boy Slim, as that would be horrific.

Funeral For A Friend – I’ve seen these guys a couple of times, always as an opening act of some description. I don’t have anything against them like many people do; yes they are a little whiney but they don’t wear their ‘mummy doesn’t love me’ angst on their sleeves as much as some of their ilk like to, and they seem to pump out the odd decent tune.

Foo Fighters – The band I would pay to see, but given that I’ve had the opportunity to see them several times and only actually paid to see them at a festival, that isn’t saying much. I’ve always like them, right from the start, but I’ve never been a fan; I’ve never bought any of their albums or actively sought them out, but their direct approach to rock and their direct link to Nirvana lends them a special place in my musical thoughts. I saw them at Slane and they were excellent, and I would recommend any rock fans to see them at least once.

Feeder – I don’t have anything against Feeder, I really don’t. It’s just that they’re not very good. I mean, they’ve been around forever but don’t have a lot to show for it. They have a handful of good singles, a handful of very annoying ones, and probably a tonne of decent tracks I’ll never get round to hearing. They are always energetic, and at least they can find a good hook for what songs I’ve heard, but nothing is particularly memorable.

Faithless – Growing up in the nineties I was forced to see my beloded rock and metal genre fall by the wayside as dance music largely took over. As with any genre, metal, dance (all country is terrible) there are an overabundance of useful talents, and only a sprinkling of genuinely great groups. Even to my young, naive thumping bass hating ears, it was obvious that Faithless fell into the latter camp. When I eventually saw them it was a great show with them commanding the crowd as well as any band I’ve ever seen.

Fat Boy Slim – On the other end of the scale are atrocities like this. Hello boeys and gruls, here am a song I am didn’t not ryhte. I put som noyses of myselph banggin a pan aginst an other pan and maid it a number 1!

The Flaming Lips – I saw this lot at Glastonbury not long after the release of Yoshimi which was an instant critical darling. I appreciate the sentiment and the their live shows are always a spectacle, but again they are a band I haven’t got into. To be fair though, I never really gave them a chance so perhaps it is time to do a discography download and see what I’ve been missing. I did get some great, non digital pics of their gig though, just as the sun was setting behind the Pyramid Stage.