Disney Songs – The Adventures Of Ichabod and Mr Toad

Ichabod & Mr. Toad Soundtrack — JLH Omnimedia

Greetings, Glancers! I mentioned in my last Disney post that we’d be back on familiar ground with this movie. That’s partly true – we don’t have a list of miniature skits here, but it is still a package movie given that it features two separate stories. Moreover, has anyone even watched this movie in the last fifty years or so? So it probably isn’t familiar to most people. There aren’t many songs here either, so this will be a quick post (Qwost?).

Intro Theme‘ is your standard 1940s crap. You already know. Too many voices, terrible singing, no melodies. Lots of jazz. It even has some whistling.

Merrily On Our Way To Nowhere’ is an actual song, thank phuck. It’s not great though, at least it it delivered with panache – the lyrics are basically a list of English towns and counties, and there isn’t much to say about the melodic quality.

Ichabod Crane‘ features someone saying ‘Gadzooks’. The lyrics poke fun at how Ichabod looks, but again there is terrible choral singing and a white page where the melodies should be.

Katrina‘ has some semblance of melody, but it’s too weepy, dreary, and old timey to enjoy. Luckily it’s under two minutes long, like everything else here.

Ballroom Dance‘ sees Ichabod and Katrina dancing while everyone else watches one with jealousy. It has a spoken intro, everything else is spirited, light, and fast instrumental. No singing though.

The Headless Horseman’ is a spooky poem, good for Halloween. This one isn’t to bad, but it’s spoiled by the choral singing. Shocker.

That’s about it. Does the other story even have any songs? I don’t care. We need to get onto the good stuff. Next time, I promise! We’ll be back on track!