Best Special Effects: 1960

The only official nominations here were: The Time Machine and The Last Voyage. Both were ahead of their time, both are the types of movies I used to marvel at as a youngster- fantastic journeys, large casts, exciting escapades, and/or a variety of freaks/monsters. It’s close, but my winner is The Time Machine, though the sinking scene in Voyage is excellent.

The Time Machine

My Nominations: The Time Machine.

The Last Voyage.

The 3 Worlds Of Gulliver: Superdynamtion works well. There is a lot of foreground, backgorund trickery here, but some of the scenes are seemless and hold up very well today.

13 Ghosts: Magic specs are gimmicky but cool. I wish more movies but treats like these into theatres. Bring back William Castle!

The Lost World: Another great movie full of exploration and adventure, and yes, lizards used as dinosaurs. But there is more here and at the time it must have been spectacular. Dino fight! Giant Spiders!

Village Of The Damned: The movie would be nowhere near as creepy without those eyes. The endingwould not be so powerful without those effects.

My Winner: The Time Machine

The Time Machine