Best Art Direction: 1965

Official Nominations: BW:  Ship Of Fools. King Rat. A Patch Of Blue. The Slender Thread. The Spy Who Came In From The Blue. Colour: Doctor Zhivago. The Agony And The Ecstasy. The Greatest Story Ever Told. Inside Daisy Glover. The Sound Of Music.

Robert Clatworthy and Joseph Kish get my nod as winners for the Black and White category in their detailed recreation of a liner, while a whole host of names get the win for The Greatest Story Ever Told, with numerous impressive sets being created to define a film which ended up being more about the look and the ensemble cast than about the plot.

My Winner: Ship Of Fools. The Greatest Story Ever Told.

 My Nominations: Alphaville. Doctor Zhivago. The Greatest Story Ever Told. King Rat. The Ship Of Fools. The Sound Of Music. Red Beard.

My Winner: The Greatest Story Ever Told


Which film of 1965 do you think deserves the win for Best Art Direction? Let us know in the comments!