Best Art Direction: 1964

Once again this year the category was split into BW and colour awards:

Actual Nominations: BW: Zorba The Greek. Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte. Seven Days In May. The Americanization Of Emily. The Night Of The Iguana. Colour: My Fair Lady. Becket. Mary Poppins. The Unsinkable Molly Brown. What A Way To Go.

This year highlighted that the split category was becoming redundant, especially with fewer BW films being released and when seeing them alongside so many colourful extravaganzas it takes something truly special to stand out. Having said that, both categories feature accomplished work with Zorba and My Fair Lady picking up the respective wins. Seven Days In May proved that you didn’t have to be a musical or big budget epic to get noticed in this category while Americanization is an odd movie and choice. Hush Hush and Iguana round up the BW nominations with well crafted pieces.

My Winner: Mary Poppins. (William H Tuntke, Carroll Clark)

My Nominations: Mary Poppins. The Unsinkable Molly Brown. My Fair Lady. Dr Strangelove. Seance On A Wet Afternoon. Red Desert.

I’ve added 3 colour films to the nominations. Peter Murton gives Dr. Strangelove a farcical clinical feel where everywhere seems to clean against the lunatic plot while Ray Simm lends a suitably bleak feel to Seance. My winner though is Red Desert, where the melding of ideas between Antonioni, Piero Poletto, and the rest of the production crew give the director’s first colour film a look of post war shock- greys stilted against shocking reds.

My Winner: Red Desert (Piero Poletto)


Let us know in the comments which film of 1964 you felt had the best Art Direction!