Amazon Vine Freebies – July 2017

And so it remains…

Stinky Magee

Horrid Henry

Magical Mathy

Coconut Kathy

Demon Headmasty

Cygnett Swany

Legs McShavey

Salt ‘n’ Peppery

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Amazon Vine Freebies – November 2015

Remember remember, the something November. What was it again? Who knows, who cares! All you care about it wishing you had such awesome freebies as these!

Wahl ZX902 James Martin Food Processor with Blender, 2 Litre, 800 W

Hurrah! You too can imagine pushing James Martin’s (or any of your other favourite celebrity food warlocks) face into this snazzy blender and watching it swirl to pulp. Remove his stump, try a different blade, and throw in his foot for bonus points!81NpOLxr-3L._SL1500_.jpg

Oxford First Rhyming Dictionary (Children’s Dictionary)

Finally! Teach your children how to be the next dead gangsta rapper by locking them in the basement with this book and not letting them out until they have composed a sick rhyme. ‘Why mummy/Why Daddy/Why won’t you let me out? Bitches be callin’/Parents be stallin/I think my nuts have gout’.


Orchard Toys Giant Road Jigsaw

Rejoice! You too can imagine what it’s like to be a cyclops or a God(zilla) by erecting this miniature town puzzle and stamping your merry way from the Butcher’s to the School. Just don’t let the Missus see you – she might swoon!