Dwarf Name Generator

Last time it was Orks, so obviously this time it’s Dwarfs. Or Dwarves. Whichever you prefer – that’s a whole thing. Just a bit of a giggle, nothing more. You can tell I made it again because it looks like a piece of shit. Remember those double-barreled names. If you’re ever under the mountain, just call for Drum Steel-Fierce and I’ll come a running.


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Ork Name Generator

I thought I’d try something different today. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with an absurd and usually absurdist creative streak. In my half-awake state I’ll latch on to some ludicrous premise and spin off a hundred ideas, laughing my head off before slipping off into unconsciousness again. Of course, when I wake up in the morning, ready to write down all of the game-changing thoughts, I’ve forgotten 80% of them and what’s left doesn’t seem as clever or funny any more. It happens me every so often and I try to jot down in a wordpress draft what I remember. Last night (at time of writing not posting) I was in one of these jumbled half-delirious, half-lucid states and a batch of such silly imaginings were tormenting my blighted mind. This time it was more premise after premise after premise rather than me giggling and listing examples for one single concept. Here is the result of one such scheme.

I know there are things like this out there already – I have seen many of these over the years for a variety of topics, and I know there is likely an example of an Ork Name Generator online too. I promise I didn’t go and check any of those out when coming up with my A-Zs, though I fully expect there to be some crossover. That’s just the way these things go. Plus,you can tell this is mine by how shoddy it looks. Remember, most good Ork names should have a double-barreled surname, that’s why the middle names have a hyphen at the end. Sadly, my fevered sleeplorn brain can devise much more impressive adjectives than my woke mind can and I didn’t put a lot of effort into this. Still, you might enjoy it. Share it with your friends. Stick your results in the comments. Actually, Fevered Sleeplorn isn’t a bad name….


For reference, lets say my full name is Carlos Rudiger Nightman. That means I am The Almighty Hymen Nasty-Stench! Who are you!?