Amazon Vine Freebies: December 2012

Phew, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these Vine Freebie posts so steel yourselves for an onslaught of jealousy at my acquired bounty over the next few posts.

December was a bit of a busy month for me, what with my eldest daughter’s 2nd Birthday on the 23rd, her new sis being born on the 22nd, and getting prepared for Moldy Cheese day

You didn’t think I’d forget?

Excuses aside, I have received some high quality treats over the next few months, and I’ve already reviewed most of them so as a bonus you can read my foolish words instead of me just printing a pic of the freebie with a link to its Amazon page.

Medela Purelan Nipple Cream:

Not for teeth
A Bit Nippy

‘My wife didn’t have too many issues with pain, cracking, dryness during breastfeeding with our first baby but it’s always better to be safe. Our next baby is due any day now. She has been putting the cream on early, mostly just to try, but it appears to be doing its job, keeping everything smooth. And cold… so cold. The cream can take a bit of squeezing to let out of its golden cage, but this shouldn’t prove to be more than a minor annoyance. Then you can get back to applying the cream and shivering. So… so cold.’

PS – Shockingly, this review is currently sitting with a 0 of 2 helpful rating.

Disney Classics Sing Along Book and CD:

Disney Creatures
Disney Creatures

‘I’ll echo what most other people have said about this book and CD combo – good book, average cd. The book has solid, thick pages with vibrant artwork depicting scenes or people from 6 Disney classics. As is to be expected from Disney, the colours and characters are second to none, endlessly charming, and will spark the imagination of many a young fan. If I have any complaint about the book it’s that some are sparse, but I assume that is so that the lyrics are easier to read. Additionally, I don’t think we need the copyright info and song credits on each page – they could have been together on a final page – but that would be mere nitpicking.

Onto the CD – I have no problem that these are not instrumental versions, in fact I prefer the full vocal backing. However, the vocals are not from the movies in some cases which takes away from the experience, at least for a hardened Disney fan like myself. I imagine this wouldn’t be much of a problem for the younger listeners. My main complaint is the song collection, featuring two songs from Winnie The Pooh which I don’t think anyone has ever heard, and one from 101 Dalmations, which is hardly known as one of the strongest musically in Disney’s catalogue. There are a wealth of songs and films to choose from, so it seems odd to pick 3 relatively weak songs when Aladdin and Beauty And The Beast are left out. Naturally this is personal preference, and again I’m sure that the kids won’t mind. There are plenty of other cd/book combos and you can always buy movie soundtracks.

So overall this is a good, cheap product which is a bit different from the usual selection of fairy tale cds. Kids and adults alike can singalong and relive some classic Disney moments like Simba’s courting and King Louie skipping over his own arms. The last time I attempted to relive that particular moment and skip over my own arms, it ended up with a quick trip to casualty, 2 weeks of agony, and a lifetime of embarrassment, but it was all worth it for 8 seconds of hilarity’

Auschwitz: A Doctor’s Eyewitness Account (Penguin Modern Classics):


I haven’t got around to reading this one yet as I’m still in the middle of King’s Under The Dome and Himes’s All Shot Up, but I’m sure this will be ugly, fascinating, and harrowing.