Facing Page Top Left

Facing Page: Top Left: 3/Good

One of the softer, more acoustic based songs from Journal For Plague Lovers is also one of the weakest. It’s still a good song, with a lovely, tender mix of harp and guitar that recalls Small Black Flowers, but it feels too light, too much like an outtake, and while the lyrics are as cutting and brilliant as you would expect, neither the verse or chorus have the melodic impact of other songs on the album. It’s short though and doesn’t fall into the trap of needless repetition, simply comes in, does its job, and fades away as if it was never there in the first place.

Misheard Lyrics: Clean fashion lines

2. This beauty is dipping neon phobia?

3. Here is oblivion babe does it rest/Here is oblivion babe that’s it wrecked.

4. Mutually discolour

5. Sugar pills – the lack of healing

6. Fragrance my ass caught up no meaning

Actual Lyrics: Clean flesh and lines

2. This beauty here dipping neophobia

3. Here is oblivion bathed acid red

4. Mute oily discolour

5. Sugar pills the flak of healing

6. Fragrance my escort of no meaning