Amazon Vine Freebies – October 2015

October, the most atmospheric month, month of demons, witches, and cheese ( saw me grab seven delicious freebies from the Amazon Overlords, a list including toys, games, and other crap. Ecce!

Sofia the First Tiara Playset:

My girls like Sofia a little, not super fans or anything, but still this is a pretty set. Very tiny pieces though equal choking hazards.


Manuscripts Don’t Burn [DVD]:

An Iranian film that isn’t as powerful or interesting than it thinks it is.


Fisher-Price Smart Phone:

A fun feature filled phone for the younger finger.


Leitz WOW Click & Store A4 Storage Box (Pink):

An easy to ‘build’ box which is now in my garage filled with CDs.

Spin Master Moustache Smash Game:

A more violent version of Snap, created to incite violent hate crimes upon hipsters.


Classic British Comedies The DVD Board Game:

A game for post-Christmas dinner nostalgia as you remember how crappy old British comedies were, then get depressed and wish you were 11 again.


Braun NTF3000 No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer:

Witchcraft powered device using arcane runes to unlock the mysterious of the sweaty brow.