UK Top 40 # 4 – 3

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4: Runnin’ – Naughty Boy (never heard of you)

Sounds like Beyoncé to me. Ok melody. What are the chances this does an anti-chorus? All building nicely, decent so far. Ooh, it actually goes for a full blown chorus with actual beats. Nothing exciting, but everything else is soo bad that when something okay pops up it feels much better than it actually is. Now it’s some bloke singing. There’s the bridge, slowed, setting up for a final thumping chorus? No? Ah well, does it’s job admirably. I wasn’t focussing on the lyrics, so lets assume it was about sex.

3: Hotline Bling – Drake (Aware of you, but never heard any of your stuff)

With a name like that, I don’t have high hopes. Clicks. Weak r’n’b beats. Macho moaning. Very plain. Very white. Random whining without music. Music returns. Is it over yet? It’s about not having sex anymore.

We’re almost done. Let us know what you think of these ones in the comments!