Generic Ratings: 1. Crap. 2: Ok. 3: Good. 4: Great

This B-Side to the much heavier From Despair To Where is the opposite from a musical perspective, but displays similar emotional force and content. One of my all time favourite acoustic songs, and one of my all time favorite songs about love, this one has some of the finest lyrics ever written on the subject, taking a bitter look at that need or expectation to settle down into some fixed idea of a relationship because it’s what everyone else does. It’s that London or metropolitan culture of serving yourself until you’re near middle age, realising that dying alone isn’t a pleasant thought, so attaching yourself to the first drone of the opposite sex who finds themselves in the same position as you. It’s love when there is none. It’s giving up. It’s all described with the most gorgeous guitars and melodies and a much softer sound than anything else the band had released till that point. It’s damning and brutal, ice cold, and that ending never fails to leave a chill in its mixture of emotion and emptiness. Fantastic, desperate solo to close too.

Misheard Lyric – I got nothing, clear and crisp.

Hibernation: 4/Great



Manic Mondays – 1/12/15

Today I’m posting the entire lyric for this track. Because they’re lovely – one for all you romantics. ‘Enjoy’.

I got married cos you should/We both knew we should/You do at our age.

This stage of our career/Things get tight/A ring helps get a mortgage

To move out of daddys home/Get a bigger car/Easy access to the city

I can read the papers in peace/And laugh at the homeless/I know my friends criticize

But we get by ok/So what if theres no emotion/We can wake up anywhere

There’s never a row/No time for a kiss/When you’ve got schedules to meet/Trivialities seem so cheap

This is above love/This is more than real
This is all there is/This is as good as it gets
Intense morality parades