Band Name Generator

Continuing this silly series, we make the inevitable leap to rock super-stardom. We all want to be rock stars, but to get there you need to have an exciting, game changing name. Like ‘Bob Dylan’ or ‘The Band’. For those future stars more interested in money and cars and boobs and who lack the creativity to come up with a name more addictive than a heroin flavoured puppy, I offer you a variety of hilarious options to choose from.


By way of example, Carlos Rudiger Nightman becomes Pueblo Friendly Twats, a sure fire rocket to the top spot after they release their first single ‘Fiery Turds’. Let us know what you come up with in the comments!

Dwarf Name Generator

Last time it was Orks, so obviously this time it’s Dwarfs. Or Dwarves. Whichever you prefer – that’s a whole thing. Just a bit of a giggle, nothing more. You can tell I made it again because it looks like a piece of shit. Remember those double-barreled names. If you’re ever under the mountain, just call for Drum Steel-Fierce and I’ll come a running.


Share your names in the comments!