Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

Freddy's Dead

Probably as bad as part 2, but I must give it extra credit for some funny moments and for a couple of good performances.

Freddy returns to find his daughter, and to kill the last child of the parents who killed him in Springwood. In doing so, Freddy believes the way will open for him to explore a whole new city and country of kids and their fears. To do this he must bring his child into the open, as she has long since escaped Springwood. However, he underestimates his daughter and her friends, and they stage a fight to finally destroy Krueger.

The plot is interesting- more so than other fims in the genre, but unfortunately there are far too many jokes, and Freddy is no longer scary. Instead of following the plot, smoothing over the holes, and finding a good complete cast, it relies on effects, which are not as good as previous films, and gimmicks- the 3D caper. Englund seems sad that the role he will be remembered for is no longer a horrific and evil character from who it is almost impossible to escape from, but a one-liner giver, and slapstic comedian. Even the flashbacks, which could have been very dark, are not effective. Zane is good, Lezlie Deane is excellent, Depp gives an interesting cameo but the other cameos are average, as are the rest of the cast. Kotto does well in a small part. If only the film had sought to be more like the first- dark, rather than humorous it would have been better. If you want to make a scary film, make it completely devoid of humour. If you want to make a mix of both work well, keep the humour very tongue-in cheek.

The extras on the disk are similar to the previous few films, nothing too exciting. Buy it to complete the collection, probably only for fans.

As always, feel fee to share your thoughts on the film- was this a final hurrah for the series or was it another dire outing?