Best Stunt Work – 1972

My Nominations: The Getaway. The Poseidon Adventure. Aguirre The Wrath Of God. Deliverance. Fist Of Fury. Way Of The Dragon. The Mechanic.

The obvious winner here would be The Poseidon Adventure – lots of action and stunts aboard the ill-fated liner. I can also see The Getaway and Deliverance getting an official nomination had this category existed, the latter getting extra credit for having the actual cast members perform much of the work and the former for plenty of gun and car action. Also featuring the actual actors putting their lives at risk in rivers and jungles is Aguirre, while The Mechanic continues the gun and fisticuffs theme. My final two nominations… some may argue can’t be classed as stunts given either the realism of the fights or the fact that trained martial artists were involved. Nonsense of course. Both Way Of The Dragon and Fist of Fury feature wonderfully choreographed fight and action scenes and either is worthy of a nomination in my book. Although Way has the better one versus one scene, Fist Of Fury I think edges things for the variety of set pieces.

My Winner: Fist Of Fury

Let us know in the comments which film of 1972 you would give the Best Stunt award to!

Fist Of Fury

Perhaps Lee’s darkest and most violent film, Fist of Fury sees Lee famously taking on an entire school of fighters, and killing several bad guys in a more cold blooded and ruthless fashion than usual on his way to taking revenge on those who killed his master.

Lee’s character hears of his master’s death and returns to his school as their best pupil. He soon understands that his master was killed by a rival master, and uncovers a world of crime and prejudice. However, he knows that taking on the countless bad guys may cost him his own life and there are those still alive who care enough for him who try to stop him from going on this suicide mission.

While the script and story are simple, there is plenty of room for some of Lee’s best fight scenes and for his views on racism and morality; The scene where Lee destroys the sign prohibiting dogs and Chinese people from entering is a classic. Again, (with all Lee’s films strangely) the film has an excellent score and is well acted by everyone who has a major part, especially Lee. Nora Miao is sympathetic and looks gorgeous, and would go on to give a brilliant performance in Way of the Dragon. And it wouldn’t be a Bruce Lee film without an ambiguous ending, as Lee’s character…

This 2 disc DVD has plenty of great features worthy of The Man, The Myth. There are various documentaries, and priceless deleted scenes. The restoration job also is perfection, miles away from the blurry old VHS i used to rent in the eighties, or the recorded off TV copies. Like all of his films, a must have- and one all action fans, and genuine lovers of cinema should see.

Fist Of Fury
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