Of Walking Abortion

I knew that someday I was gonna die, and I knew before I died two things would happen to me; that number one I would regret my entire life, and number two I would want to live my life over again‘.

The first song from The Holy Bible to offer an industrial tone, the savage guitars crunch and throb, drums smash down like hammers on steel, all manner of filters make the instruments sound mechanical and condensed while Bradfield sounds like a cyborg spinning out of control. This is heavy, dark stuff, unsurprisingly, with a chaotic mixture of lyrical brilliance with lyrical weirdness. It’s the first song that sounds evil on the album, as if it has taken on a life of its own and is coming after you, stalking, hunting. Opening with the above haunting quote (Hubert Selby Jr) about life, death, and regret, futility, apathy, the lyrics and music follow without looking back. The finger-pointing ending, which I believe was added by Nicky, has become a Manics moment – meme -mement? The band seemingly taking aim at, well, all of us, the monstrous humans we are, being responsible for all of the terrible shit in the world. Again Bradfield pulls every once of hatred and despair from the words, pumps them back through the music and unleashes a terrifying vocal performance, screaming to the pit of his soul with unfettered anguish and rage.

Misheard Lyrics:

  1. Obsidian’s blackest hole/a city is blackest hole/a city’s blackest hole
  2. The nation’s mouth wraps you inside
  3. Fucked up don’t know why you put it away
  4. Shut up! Shut up!
  5. Open black ground with tomorrow’s compass (?)
  6. So watch out girl and you expect your chores/so watch our car and you’ll expect no choice

Actual Lyrics:

  1. Acedia’s blackest hole
  2. The nation’s moral suicide
  3. Fucked up don’t know why you poor little boy
  4. Shalom! Shalom!
  5. Open black ruins a moral conscience
  6. So wash your car in your ‘x’ baseball shoes

Of Walking Abortion: 4/Great

Depressed musings on a blog

Views fading.

Recently I’ve actually been paying attention to my blog, writing original material, and actually putting some care into what I write for a change. I’ve even been (gasp) happy with some of the stuff I’ve written in recent posts. However, the downward spiral continues. My views are dwindling. I’m aware that this blog is a mess, that the About page is worse than nonsensical, and much the material makes a mockery of the word ‘niche’. However, it has always been that way. Much of this year has seen disastrous viewing figures. I don’t normally care about this as the blog is just an excuse to ramble, to maybe get a few laughs from some other like-minded weirdos out there, but it’s interesting to me that the numbers have seen a downturn recently when I feel my writing has actually been respectable.

Ha ha. Ooh, Mr. Nightman, this is just so... what's the word..?
Ha ha. Ooh, Mr. Nightman, this is just so… what’s the word..?

So, I had a look to see what my top 10 most popular posts are to see if I have been doing anything anti-popular recently. Out of my top 10 posts:

7 are music based (3 of these list-based, the other 4 album reviews)

The 4 album reviews are of Beatles albums

3 are Movie reviews

2 of the movies are Tim Burton films

2 of the movies are Johnny Depp movies (only 1 by Burton though)

Those lists are fairly recent, and the album reviews are only a few years old. Now, those movie reviews, as well as most of the movie reviews on the blog are old. Most of them were copied from my Amazon years ago. In fact, most of them were copied to Amazon from my IMDB account, added to IMDb 10 or more years ago. They’re old. They’re not good. I was young. I was a student. I was drunk. Today, I’m older, not particularly wiser, and still considerably drunk.

Not quite this level of drunk, but then I'm not an aristocrat
Not quite this level of drunk, but then I’m not an aristocrat

As far as I can tell though, I’m still awesome. The internets just don’t want the likes of me. That won’t stop me writing of course. If I can’t be a beacon, I can be a plague. If I can’t be a saviour, I can be a scourge. If I can’t be Freshly Pressed, I can be Freshly Depressed, whatever that means. Now, you probably won’t find me commenting on many other blogs, or becoming some sort of overly social, blogging maestro, which the Wordpress Gods say increases traffic, but I will comment on every post. So far, The Spac Hole has had a good run, with zero advertising or promotion, and an abundance of filth which even the dirtiest minds would want to avert their eyes from. Long mat it continue. So, I’ll keep writing, a few hearty souls will accidentally land here, and the world will keep spinning further and further off its axis until it is sucked off into The Spac Hole eternally.