Predator 2

*Originally written in 2004


The race of Predators returns to earth in this sequel to the 1987 sci-fi hit, deciding to stalk its prey in a city rather than a jungle. The claustrophobia is gone, along with the politics and the Schwarzenegger, but the amount of victims is vastly increased in this inferior, but often overlooked sequel.

The film is set in LA. It is an increasingly hot summer and gang warfare, crime, and murder is on the up. The LAPD wages a constant battle against the scum, but it seems a vigilante is wiping out some of the biggest criminals. Danny Glover stars as Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, who with his small team- Danny, Leona, and Jerry – is trying to find out who is causing these deaths, as well as keeping an eye on the chaos around them. As his team closes in on the killer, the feds tell him to back off, so he knows there is something big going on. When his team members and others continue to be slaughtered, he catches a glimpse of the killer – The Predator – who can become invisible at the touch of a button, and wipe out anyone with ease. Gary Busey from the feds, and his team (including Robert Davi) attempt to catch The Predator but fail, and  the creature sets its sights on Glover as its next victim. A final encounter approaches, but it may not take place on Harrigan’s terms.

Predator 2 is a letdown after the first film was so good. The action, tension and excitement here is toned down and inferior, but luckily it is still above average. We lose Arnie, but Glover does well as the cop with a fighting spirit. The supporting cast is good, Alonso is feisty, Paxton is as good as always but not given as much to do as I would have liked, Busey is his usual offbeat self, as is Davi, and Blades is okay. However, the sense of teamwork that should have been present, that was a strong part of the original, is gone. There are many good visual effects here, improving in some ways on the original, and The Predator has a few new and interesting weapons at his disposal. It just lacks the spark of the original though, and does not create much excitement. The dialogue is not as good, average action stuff, and the direction is solid but does not have the style and grasp of technique that McTiernen has. A good action/sci-fi movie with plenty of violence and fun, but a let down sequel which deserved to be better.

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Leathal Weapon 2: We Don’t Need A Nuther Hero!

Burtdog and Hicks return with some guns blazing in this film called Lethal Weapon 2. Buddy movies and sequels were all the rage in the 80s, and this is amongst the best or the worst depending on which way your wind blows. Crazy Gary Busey and Patsy Klinesit also co-star with Crazy Joe Pesci in this crazy romp. Crazy cop Melanie Gibson goes off the rails when his wife is killed by drowning. He teams up once again with Danny Glove to get into action and kill all the water in the world. The problem is, Fanny Lover is also scared of water and keeps getting stuck on toilets so isn’t much help. It turns out that Tyrannical (Saurus Rex!)Busey is a surfer who can send tidal waves at sunbathers. He has been steadily growing this power so that he can unleash a huge wave at San Fransico and kill everyone (when he was younger he was rejected by the flighty San Fran crowd for not being flamboyant enough). Rather than going for the logical solution and calling the coast guard or Superman’s cousin Water (man) Mel Griffith and Danny Glick decide to take on the wet Bush meister themselves.

This film ups you auntie from the first film, and is bigger, better, and not as good. There are plenty of quips and spark between all the cast members (in actual life they are all related to each other and grew up in the same house), and we have car chases, boat chases, surfy chasings, and lots of guns and bombs. This should all add up and equal a good film, but for some reason it doesn’t. Maybe they forgot to carry the one. They seem to have done something like 3 + 5 + 5 + 4 = 10. Don’t not do not get me wrong, right? Because it is still good, just not as good as it should have been. They would reach new highs with the third film, which is easily the worst of the Octology.

Best Scene: When Riggs and Barry are chasing Bushell in the water and he suddenly leaps out at them, yelling paranoid conspiracy theory rhetoric at them before sinking back into the gloomy depths. Gibson turns to his lover and delivers one of the great movie one-liners: ‘We might need a bigger boat!’