Amazon Vine Freebies – May 2017

And then, everything went buck nuts. Yes, this is the point where I started being offered and taking ridiculous amounts of things so that I end up with over 40 pending reviews regularly. It’s great!

8 year old girl makes more money in a week than you will in your life.

Charcoal bear gives you the feels

Nerdy book gives you the stats

Biscuit bear gives you the cred

Silver grill keeps you fed

Odd device gives you head

Wireless Beats get you out of bed

Which came first, the movie or the book?

Welcome to my nightmare

Odd device for your head

Exercise bike gives you freakish calf muscles

Roller relases freakish calf muscles

Yet another vacuum.

Amazon Vine Freebies – June 2015

Yikes, I’ve fallen behind with these posts, and I know you’ve all been gnashing and wailing furiously in anticipation, so here you go – one from a whole year ago that I have neglected to post. UNTIL NOW!

A summer breeze brings with it expectation, and a new pile of free stuff for me to play with:

Oxford French-English Visual Dictionary of Animals (Oxford Visual Dictionary)


A haw-he-haw madame monsieur dictionary for kids. Remember when you studied French and each section of the single text book you had would be focused on a particular subject – directions, numbers, accommodation, family and friends etc?  Well this one is entirely based around animals, or as the French say – Les Animals. In all seriousness it’s very useful, with plain text (French first, then English) and would go a long way if your child ever needs an on the spot translation of ‘Excuse me, can somebody please call the veterinary authorities because this penguin is choking on my arm’.

Black Coal, Thin Ice [DVD]


Look, you can check my review here!

Sealy Posturepedic Optimal Latex Pillow – Firm


I’ve always had neck and back pain and my mattress is terrible, so I couldn’t wait to give this a try and -oh, oh, okay, my wife has claimed it. Oh well.

Early Rider Alley Runner 12-inch Aluminium Balance Bike – Age 2 to 4.5 Years


I’ve never really seen the point in this –  a bike with no pedals. Why not just straddle a broomstick and gallop up and down the street, cackling? What’s that you say? It’s for kids?