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Amazon’s Five Star system tells me that three stars means ‘It’s Okay’ – and that just about sums up this film. Primarily a drama touching on horrific elements, it shows us a few weeks in the life of Carlos, a quiet tailor who also happens to be a murderer and cannibal. The few scenes of death are handled in a laissez-faire way, deliberately showing that for Carlos, murder is a routine habit, as routine as tying shoelaces or making a suit. It is a very slow film, there are many scenes which are deliberately drawn out,with little or no dialogue, and seemingly little progress of plot of development of character. It’s as tasteful a film about cannibalism as you’re every likely to see, which likely will be a plus for many viewers, but for me just adds to the ‘okayness’. The plot, acting, direction – everything is plain and withdrawn, and it’s difficult to create any excitement, tension, or interest. Having said all that, it’s far from a bad film – everyone involved is clearly skilled at what they do and the overall idea is sound. There simply isn’t enough happening on screen, or off, to get me invested.

Without going in to too much detail, we meet Carlos shortly after his latest kill – an excellent introduction to the film where we follow killer and prey from car to car – unfortunately nothing else in the film is handled with as much assured flair. We learn little about Carlos – he is a tailor, appears to have growing connections with some sort of mobsters, and lives on his own. When a sultry, forward, foreign beauty moves into his building, a tale of intrigue, lies, love, guilt, and murder emerges.



Clearly, but falsely marketed (in the UK at least) as a horror film, this will likely frustrate your typical horror fan who will assume this will be some gory revenge flick, and the audience of slow-burning, unnerving thrillers will likely pass this over for making the same assumptions. If you go into this knowing that there aren’t any scares, that any action is limited, and that any answers or explanations are your own to make, then you may be pleased. It’s a well made drama which touches upon some taboo subjects, but does so in too detached a manner to make it one that will likely stay in your mind once it’s over.

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Amazon Vine- September 2014

September, September, the most hated month in the Western world, scourge of kids forced to return to education after months of freedom, despised by everyone else who dreads the coming rain and snow. Thanks to Amazon, my month was made brighter and better by a nine-item bounty, including toys and DVDs. What more could I ever want?


I Really Hate My Job (DVD):

Starring my beloved Neve, this film was pretty dreadful, with irritating characters and… that’s about it. But Neve makes everything better.


91uYwfjYEOL__SL1500_ A slow-burning drama dealing with a murderous tailor with a taste for human flesh. Not as exploitative or gory as it sounds, or as good.



A decent Mexican film focussing on one family’s struggle with drugs, violence, and corrupt cops. Well acted and with several brutal scenes, it doesn’t make for easy watching.

WWE Superstrikers Slam N Launch Arena:


Woo hoo! The sort of ring I always wanted when I was a kid, this one has a number of features to make play all the more exciting.

Crayola Marker Maker:


A fun tool for arty types which my kids are still a little too young to apprecitate.

LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker (Orange):

417aXAyJiaLAgain, my eldest is a bit young to get the most out of this, but she enjoys the pseudo-Tamagochi nature and the mini-games.

LeapFrog Learning Friends Play and Discover School Set:

819DMh5ZxKL__SL1500_A nice addition to the existing houses, figures, and playsets we already have.

Monster High Freaky Fusion Bonita Femur Hybrid Doll:

91TKWa5nsoL__SL1500_Another Monster High Doll, and another hit in our house.

Kid Galaxy Morphibians Terrapin:

A great little remoted controlled car which zooms through water as easily as over land.