Bands I’ve Seen Live- B

Bullet For My Valentine: I’ve seen these guys a couple of times as support for bigger, better bands. I only know/knew a handful of their songs and they seem to have caused a split in the metal community- some are die-hard fans, others proclaim them as either not metal or for being too commercial. I don’t know or care enough about them to give an opinion. They were loud, fast, and the crowd seemed to enjoy each show.

Ian Brown: The Stones’ frontman seems to be to go to man as a support act these days. He’s done some great solo stuff, and his work with the Stone Roses is legendary so you can be sure that any rock crowd will be happy enough to see him. He is a bit of a tool though. I’ve seen him as support, and as a main festival act, and his shows always have that Mancunian bravado- he struts through his songs as if on a conveyer belt, but all we want to hear is I Am The Resurrection.

Bush: It’s a little known fact that when Gavin Rossdale isn’t joyously watching Tennis with his bored as a corpse wife Gwen Stefani, he writes and performs the odd song with his band, Bush. I saw these guys at Glastonbury- a harmless show, full of energy, we all sang along to Swallowed before going on our way in search of more Pear Cider.

Badly Drawn Boy: It’s a little known fact that when BDB isn’t busy deciding what hat to wear that he makes music. I saw this young man at Glastonbury. I wasn’t a huge fan before. I’m not a fan now. I don’t like hats.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Glastonbury again. I’d heard their first album a few times and it didn’t grab me- sure they had guitars and tried to look cool, but it all seemed to soft. It was like seeing someone who claims to be a kick ass martial artist cuddling up on the sofa with a cup of lemon tea and a cuddly toy so that they could watch Glee in peace.