Amazon Vine Freebies – January/February 2018

These posts are as painful for me as they are for you, believe me. No-one reads them anyway, but I suppose there’s a sick delight in showing y’all the great free stuff I am sent. But because I get so much, and because I’m so far behind, I’m going to start grouping the posts in the hope that I catch up. Righty-oh, here we go.


Itchy. Scratchy. Tasty.













There is no try(ing)




Amazon Vine Freebies – October 2015

October, the most atmospheric month, month of demons, witches, and cheese ( saw me grab seven delicious freebies from the Amazon Overlords, a list including toys, games, and other crap. Ecce!

Sofia the First Tiara Playset:

My girls like Sofia a little, not super fans or anything, but still this is a pretty set. Very tiny pieces though equal choking hazards.


Manuscripts Don’t Burn [DVD]:

An Iranian film that isn’t as powerful or interesting than it thinks it is.


Fisher-Price Smart Phone:

A fun feature filled phone for the younger finger.


Leitz WOW Click & Store A4 Storage Box (Pink):

An easy to ‘build’ box which is now in my garage filled with CDs.

Spin Master Moustache Smash Game:

A more violent version of Snap, created to incite violent hate crimes upon hipsters.


Classic British Comedies The DVD Board Game:

A game for post-Christmas dinner nostalgia as you remember how crappy old British comedies were, then get depressed and wish you were 11 again.


Braun NTF3000 No Touch Plus Forehead Digital Thermometer:

Witchcraft powered device using arcane runes to unlock the mysterious of the sweaty brow.


Amazon Vine Freebies – October 2013

The horror! Amazon have decided to change the format, layout, presentation etc of the Vine and Last Harvest Pages. It’s horrible. Horrible like when you wake up with a tramp in your mouth. Still, I was able to look at the screen long enough to select the following freebies:

Philips DVT1700 Digital Voice Recorder with DNS Speech to Text Software:

Aside from possibly recording farts and blackmail, I’m not sure what I’ll use this for.

Landscapes of the Metropolis of Death: Reflections on Memory and Imagination:

This sort-of biography brings together Kulka’s memories and reflections on the part of his childhood spent in Auschwitz. It is written in fragmented style, almost like the reader is only hearing snippets of a bigger story, overhearing on a crowded train. Nevertheless, it is expectedly sobering, but doesn’t focus on the harrowing side of things, instead giving a child’s views on what he sees – sometimes witnessing violence but not fully understanding, feeling the inevitable finger of death crossing over the camp yards, but still trying to live, learn, and fight.

Braun Cruzer 5 Rechargeable Foil Electric Shaver:

I’m looking forward to trying this bad boy out after my last razor broke thanks to the dreadful, irresistable force of my facial hair.

Dinosaur Christmas:

This gripping factual text explores the origins of Father Christmas’s’es’es’s relationship with thunder lizards – also known as Dinosauruses. After missing Christmas one year for being drunk on Cave Juice, it turns out that Santa banished the creatures to Rygel IVXIIW-P and replaced them with Laplanders – also known as Reindeer.