Amazon Vine Freebies – November 2015

A dirge for November, or a deluge. Six freebies were cast down from the Vine Gods to land at my threshold, and I received them with thanks. Here they are.

A Hard Day:


A decent Chinese movie with plenty of intriguing action

El Nino:

A decent Spanish movie with plenty of intriguing action


Philips LED Spotlights – Twin Pack (GU10 4.5W) – White:


A decent pack of spotlights with plenty of luminous action

Verbatim 52602 LED Candle E14 4.5 Watt 350 lm Light Bulb:


A decent LED bulb with plenty of long-lasting action

BETA Adult Shepherds & Setters with Lamb Dry Dog Food, 12 kg:

A decent sack of food with plenty of chomping action

Philips Disney Frozen Children’s Projector Torch and Night Light (1 x 0.3 W Integrated LED):


A decent Disney torch with plenty of shadow figure action.