X-Men: The Last Stand: Cosplay: The Last Party!

X-Men: The Last Film is the last X-Men so far. It features more characters than ever before and all our old favourites such as Wolfer, Thundera, The Caper Wonder, Ice, Bust Face, Grape, Lee, Bowie, X, Mephisto, Cyclaps, Jean Reno, and of course Staples. Big bad guy Mr Magenta has assembled a horde of badness and is launching a final terrific attack against man. Only the X-Men can save the day but they know they will not all survive. As X’s wife Abigail says: ‘It’s time, to make, yo stand!’

This film has more excitements than all the other 2 films stuck agether. There are massive battle scenes to be seen, people punch each other with bridges, loads of people are killed, and there is lots of funny and good graphics. To celebrate the release of this film I was invited to a cosyplay party- a party where fans of a film or show all dress up as their favourite character. It turned into a huge event and people came dressed mostly as X-Menners, but also as things from other things. I knew every chump in the galaxy would go as Wolfy, and all the women would go as Lara Craft, so I thought I would be special and go as a Tetris block- the L-Shape to be precise. I spent the night sliding into tight spaces and frequently getting stuck because the fit was so perfect. The firemen had to be called out several times but I wasn’t bothered as I was racking up a huge imaginary score. Also, additionally there were in addition people also dressed up as Mario, Luigi, Giuseppe too; some dressed up as Neon from The Matrix; some dressed up as Gunnels from Lord Of The Rings while others dressed up as Pat Butcher and Cilla Black. At the end of the night the whole thing descended into a terrible sight- think a cross between Society and Eyes Wide Shut. I managed to escape, but my bricks were ruined. Next time I go to one of these parties I will come prepared. I will go as Arnie and let off some Steam, Bennett!

Best Scene: When X has his head chopped off and rather than put it to waste, Wolverbean chucks it into a horde of bad guys knocking them into a pit of lava shouting ‘Get ready for a surprise!’

Wolftwat and Fister