Best Animated Film: 1965

My Nominations: Gulliver’s Travels Beyond The Moon. Pinocchio In Outer Space. The Man From Button Willow. West And Soda.

Four bizarre nominations from me this year, covering Japan, Belgium, US, and Italy. Gulliver’s Travels was one of the first attempts at a Disney style film from Japanese giants Toei. It is interesting to see an early Japanese animation which retains the nation’s unique style but attempts to tell a Western story in a typically American way. West And Soda is an entertaining animated spaghetti Western which doesn’t take itself very seriously and pokes fun at the genre, both the Italian and American Western. Button Willow is another Western, though this time from the US and telling the story of Justin Eagle. It’s a little bare, and while the songs are entertaining enough, it’s easily forgettable. Pinocchio In Outer Space sounds exactly as you would expect, with typically 60s Martian interaction, and typically bizarre moon sized whales flying about…

My Winner: West And Soda

What is your favourite Animated film of 1965? Let us know in the comments section.

Best Animated Film: 1964

No award this year, and a severe shortage of animated releases mean that I only have 1 nomination and 1 winner. Thankfully though it is a decent film, although being a musical it is a bit of an annyoying departure from the hit TV series. There is nothing overly exciting here but it’s still enjoyable 200 years later.

My Winner: Hey There, It’s Yogi Bear!

Best Animated Film: 1963

No official award this year, and only two films worth mentioning:

My Nominations: The Sword In The Stone. The Little Prince And The 8-Headed Dragon

Toei Animation celebreated their fifth year with another feature based on Japanese myth. Not a huge hit, this nevertheless has become known as one of Japan’s finest and was unique for its time, going for a much more stylised animated approach than the Company was known for. Although dated now, it’s still an entertaining romp with a superb soundtrack from renowned composer Akira Ifukube. For Disney’s 18th feature we are treated to The Sword In The Stone, one of the best treatments of the Arthurian Legend with flawless animation, interesting characters, and a terrific transformation scene (and Fantasia -like cleaning scene).

My Winner: The Sword In The Stone

Did I miss any? What is your favourite Animated Feature from 1963, and what did you enjoy or dislike about the choices above?

Best Animated Film: 1961

Not 101 Dalmations
Not 101 Dalmations

Well there can only be one winner really- 101 Dalmations. Yet another timeless Disney tale this one is notable for a general lack of musical numbers. With Sleeping Beauty not making as much money as expected, this one needed to be a hit or the company could well have collapsed. Luckily it was, thanks to some memorable scenes, but mostly down to the eternal character of Cruella De Vil.

Best Animated Film- 1960

I can only find one release this year, and therefore it is a winner by default. It is a typical animated adventure where the character faces a number of moral trials before coming out the other end stronger having learned vital lessons. There are monkey dances, fights, and possible racial and class issues- the main character assumes he is better than people just because he has been given a crown, and can treat anyone as he pleases. It has a Disney charm to it, though isn’t quite as cutesy. It is however an early anime and pretty messed up for the uninitiated. My winner is: Alakazam The Great

Alakazam The Great