Nightman Listens To – Connie Francis – Jealous Heart (1966 Series)!

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Greetings, Glancers! When I said I was doing this – listening to every album of 1966, I really meant it. Putting aside the genres and performers I don’t like, and going all in, at least until I can’t do it anymore and end up quivering under a bog. Which brings me neatly to Connie Francis. I don’t know much about her, aside from the obvious – she’s a singer and an actress and even though her heyday was in the 50s, she’s still going today. I’ve heard some songs by her before, mostly dreary choral ballads and pop which I didn’t like. I… I just hope this isn’t country. Wikipedia doesn’t even have an entry for this album so these are indeed uncharted waters. Some dude has helpfully uploaded the album to Youtube, so if any of these song titles are incorrect or not even on the album – go moan at him.

Jealous Heart: A big swell of strings, but in the weepy old decrepit style. Then Country ballad guitars. Fuck. It’s not really Country, but I associate it as such. The voice is good, clear, if not exactly my thing. The melodies are box-ticking exercises – you hear the first part, and you can finish it precisely yourself without hearing it. There’s a whining quality in the vocals in some words. Lets hope the album is short.

If I Ever Get Lonely: A sweeter sound, but still very much that song style which I was dreading. Say what you will, the lyrics are still marginally more interesting than what’s in the charts these days. There’s something odd about the vocals – almost like they are higher or more powerful than they need to be – the band is playing around 6 or 7, but Connie’s on 11. Awful talking part. Better chorus – don’t need the backing vocals.

Everything I Have Is Yours: Guitars shimmering. That’s a more unusual vocal melody. Belted out. Becomes more generic as it progresses. Soppy guff, but she is best when she hits and holds the big notes.

If You Ever Change Your Mind: Brief string blast. Reminds me of Trailer Park Boys. Annoying backing vocals – get rid. The song themes are all very similar – someone has left but I’m still here if you want me. Have some self-respect. I’m surprised stuff like this was still flying in 1966 – it sounds like something from twenty years earlier.

Do I: Man those backing vocals are like tar in my ears, followed by someone shoving their balls in my face. It’s the same whining Country ballad tone and rhythm as several other songs. Man, it’s early, but I already need some metal.

Fair Weather Lover: More of the same. Same rhythm and tone – check. Terrible backing vocals – check. Clinky piano – check. Moaning about love instead of going and getting some – check. This would be unlistenable if not for Connie’s voice.

Ivory Tower: The ‘I love you’ part was nice, I guess.

Once A Day: It would have been great if she’d said ‘once a day, once a day, have a wank’ instead. Or eat and apple. At least this one has a different rhythm and the lyrics are more self-deprecating. Still moaning, but at least this time it felt funny.

My Foolish Heart: Good vocals. The strings are better.

I’m Falling In Love With You Tonight: Better musically – the cascading piano and little guitar runs compliment the idea of falling, and the melody is allowed to be kept pure – no interference, or not much, from backing voices. It just meanders too much.

Nevertheless: I’ve run out of things to say. I’m drained by the monotony of it all. I know I’m not the most creative when it comes to writing these things, mainly because I’m typing as I’m listening, and the music pulls down my spontaneity if it’s crap. She’s singing some stuff about love.

So Long Goodbye: So long, goodbye, and thank Vader for that. Nothing here for me.

Connie’s a good singer – no complaints there. She has a David Lynch vibe. The songs are boring, the lyrics make me want to push her down a flight of stairs – probably because she’d fall in love with me. I’m sure she’s a great person, I’ve no idea who wrote the music or lyrics, but neither are good. Just not for me at all. Is this a generational thing? Is it me?

Let us know in the comments what you think of Jealous Heart in the comments!

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