Disney Songs – Lady And The Tramp

Greetings, Glancers. We’re back today with another Disney listenathon, this time with 1955’s Lady And The Tramp. This isn’t one of my favourite Disney entries – I didn’t grow up with it or anything and probably only saw it once during my childhood. Still, like all early Disney films, they’re iconic and important enough that you feel like you know it even if you’ve never seen it. Off the top of my head, there’s only one song I can think of from the movie, and I wouldn’t class it as one of their better ones. Lets see what else there is.

Bella Notte: Oh great, I suspect we’re in for more choral voices. The dreary strings, to give them more credit than I usually do, have much more romance than the songs from previous soundtracks. Here come the vocals, and while they are still not to my tastes, they aren’t quite as dreary and whining as those older movies. The little instrumental section at the end is quite lovely.

Peace On Earth: These vocals are hilarious to me – they seem, even in the 1950s, to be about twenty years out of date, and of course make me think of South Park. The backing vocals are terrible, but the melodies – a play on Silent Night – are nice enough.

Baby’s First Morning/What Is A Baby/La La La: A soft and soothing, twinkling song which perfectly encapsulates…. how a dog must feel when a baby is born? There isn’t much to it, just sweetly sung questions in lullaby form.

The Siamese Cat Song: Is it racist? Who even knows any more. They’re definitely playing up to stereotypes. As a song I always quite enjoyed this. It does always piss me off though that cats are always evil in Disney movies. Cats are awesome. Dogs? Dogs are great too, but they’re kind of also dicks.

What A Dog/He’s A Tramp: So, I always hated the intro of this one – not the music, the ‘what a dog’ line. Just the way it’s spoken – it’s so theatrical and slurred that it makes me ill. The song itself is fine, all those old-timey insults. The soaking jazz/swing stuff is right up there with my least favourite musical style so listening to this standalone is never good for me, but in the movie it is just about bearable.

Nothing from this soundtrack would make my personal playlist of Disney songs, though as is generally the case all of the music works when watching the movie. Regardless of who’s making it, a song from a musical movie has to be something truly special for me to take it seriously outside of the scope of the film, has to be great for me to consider listening to it on its own merits. Let us know in the comments what your favourite track from Lady And The Tramp is!

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