Nightman’s Least Favourite Movies Of 1986!

6 Reasons Stephen King's Maximum Overdrive Should Be Rebooted By Joe Hill | Cinemablend

Flight Of The Navigator

It’s not that I don’t like Flight Of The Navigator – I do. But as a child it was on so much that I grew sick of it, and for most of my life have had negative associations with it. It’s a perfectly fun movie but any time I watch or think about it now, those old associations come back. It’s a testament to the strength of 1986 that this movie is listed.

Jumping Jack Flash

I don’t think I’ve seen this one since I was young and I imagine I’d enjoy it more now, but back then none of it worked for me.

Little Shop Of Horrors

For some reason this never worked for me either. Maybe it was the casting of Moranis in the lead when I always preferred him as a support, or maybe it’s the fact it’s a musical. It has all the right pieces to make a puzzle I’d enjoy, but something never clicked.

Maximum Overdrive

I’ve never been a proponent of ‘so bad it’s good’, or ‘so camp it’s watchable’, or ‘it’s Stephen King so it must at least be entertaining on same base level’. Maximum Overdrive is unbearably awful, so bad it’s BAD, and not even the one-liners or King’s appearance can save it. AC/DC are shit too.

Mosquito Coast

Possibly the most dull movie I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen Zack Snyder’s Army Of The Dead.

That’s it, not much to rant about, hmm? Rant away in the comments!

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