Ranking The Radiohead Songs – Kid A!

Greetings, Glancers! Although I had been listening to Radiohead on and off since the Creep days, they didn’t really become my band until the late 90s. Kid A was the first album I was there for, ready to buy on Day 1. It was one of those seminal times – you’re in your late teens, nearing the end of School, ready to grab the world by the throat and make it give you whatever you want, and you spend your days and nights talking about music with like-minded mates. Nobody was expecting Kid A. Radiohead was the biggest band on the planet, the hype was ridiculous, and Kid A made a lot of people, if not all people, emit a confused WTF in unison. It was enough to shred the fandom down the middle – many casual fans threw their heads up and went off to wait for Coldplay’s arrival, while others too blinded by their obsession proclaimed it as the second coming. As with anything, I liked parts and disliked parts. Sure I would have loved another extension of The Bends or OK Computer, but I appreciated the daring, the balls, and the one-mindedness of the band to do whatever the hell they wanted. Plus the live versions of the songs were bangin’, man. Over time, my opinion of the album hasn’t changed much – songs I like, songs I dislike. I only wish the band had taken further departures from the sound they achieve here – while they have continued to grow and experiment, essentially every album since has been a version of Kid A, except for those scattered attempts at subverting guitar based rock. It’s a good album, it’s not the second coming.

1: How To Disappear Completely

2: Motion Picture Soundtrack

3: The National Anthem

4: Idioteque

5. Everything In Its Right Place

6. In Limbo

7. Optimistic

8. Kid A

9. Morning Bell

10. Treefingers Let us know your ranking in the comments!

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