Nightman’s Top Ten Films Of 2002

Greetings, Glancers! We continue my new series of posts which will detail my favourite films of every year since 1950. Why 1950? Why 10? Why anything? Check out my original post here. As with most of these lists the numbering doesn’t really matter much, though in most cases the Number 1 will be my clear favourite. As I know there are plenty of Stats Nerds out there, I’ll add in some bonus crap at the bottom but the main purpose of these posts is to keep things short. So!

Lets get the almosts done first: Dog Soldiers. Bubba Ho-Tep.

10: City Of God (Brazil) Fernando Meirelles

9: Equilibrium (US) Kurt Wimmer

8: Hero (China) Zhang Yimou

7: Infernal Affairs (HK) Andrew Lau/Alan Mak

6: The Pianist (France/Germany/Poland/UK) Roman Polanski

5: Dark Water (Japan) Hideo Nakata

4: The Eye (HK/Singapore) The Pang Brothers

3: The Twilight Samurai (Japan) Yoji Yamada

2: 28 Days Later (UK) Danny Boyle

1: Sympathy For Mr Vengeance (SK) Chan Wook Park

How Many Of My Films Were In The Top 10 Grossing Of The Year: One (The Winner)

How Many Of My Films Were Nominated For the Best Picture Oscar: Two

4 thoughts on “Nightman’s Top Ten Films Of 2002

  1. Tyrone Bruinsma December 4, 2018 / 4:11 pm

    3 of these are on my own 2002 list (thought 28 days later is on my 2003 list). Would love to hear more about why you love them

    • carlosnightman December 4, 2018 / 4:32 pm

      I wanted my yearly posts to just be basic lists, but then I do favourites of the decades where I go into more info.

    • carlosnightman December 4, 2018 / 4:37 pm

      I will say though that only Sympathy For Mr Vengeance makes it on to my Decade list from this year (whenever I get around to posting that). The turn of the century had so many strong entries from Asia which I loved – new voices opposing the norms from Hollywood, and the slower more poignant takes on horror and action resonated with me.

  2. John Charet December 9, 2018 / 9:22 pm

    Great post 🙂 Interesting choice for number 1 I must say, but not surprising cause it is considered a great one 🙂 Anyway, keep up the great work as always 🙂

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