Your Love Alone Is Not Enough

If ever a song was going to bring the band back into the spotlight from a truly commercial standpoint, it was this. It was easily their most catchy slice of arena pop rock since This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours and it was a hefty success. It reached 2 in the UK charts and stayed in the top 40 for seven weeks, making it their second most successful single. It didn’t reach number one though, kept off by some Beyonce/Shakira song that no-one remembers.

The song gets straight to the point – a big chord followed by the main hook, then into a song which is basically one giant singalong chorus, albeit with different peaks and diversions. James and Nina (from The Cardigans) work incredibly well together, the riffs and music are simple, the strings are there, but the finest moment is, seriously, a Nicky Wire vocal. As James and Nina are trading lyrics, Wire interjects with an emotional ‘I could have written all your lines’ and it’s perfect. The whole thing is perfect in fact. 10 years before this was Everything Must Go et al, and it is (at time of writing) 10 years since Your Love Alone Is Not Enough – methinks it’s time they unleashed another top 5 classic single.

Your Love Alone Is Not Enough: 4/Great


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