Disney Songs – Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs


Heigh Ho! HEIGH HOOOOO! That’s right, we begin our Disney journey at the beginning of the journey, with Disney’s folly SWAT7D. It’s easy to forget just how old this movie is, and how huge an impact it made to the movie industry. It is a timeless classic which never fails to charm each new generation. One of the major components of its success is of course the soundtrack which contains a number of iconic songs and ensured that no good animated movie can be made without a hit song. There are eleven songs in the movie, a number of which are reprises and guess what? There are two bonus songs which were deleted from the movie and I’m going to listen to those now too! Considering the different world in which this movie was created, it should not surprise anyone if some of these songs feel as if they have aged badly – remember, this was before Elvis, before World War II, before anything really. Why not listen along too and let your dreams roam free.

I’m Wishing: Here we go, the beginning of an Empire. Snow White sings to the birds by a Wishing Well and Lord you just know this would get savaged if it was released today. That voice… what’s the vocal equivalent of ‘a face for radio’? Musically it is of its time, with all those strings, lyrically it is pure Disney – dreams can come true. It’s the melodies which make it timeless, though we can definitely do without all the ‘huh ha huh ha huh’ stuff which pops up throughout the score.

One Song: This one comes in quickly after the first, a romantic tale from the Prince’s point of view. It has marginally better vocals, less annoying anyway, but the melody is nowhere near as inviting.

With A Smile And A Song: Taking place as Snow White is lost in the woods, scared but asking her animal friends for help. Again there is some terrible wordless vocal work which grates badly, once the rest of the song begins it is a little better – nice melodies and lyrics but not as memorable as the big hitters. Those vocals though… waaay too high.

Whistle While You Work: This is much more effective and the first classic Disney song. Jeepers, it’s so effective it’s impossible to not whistle this while you work. Even the wordless stuff doesn’t get in the way. Too much.

Heigh Ho: From one classic to another. Again the vocals are dated, but it’s so much fun musically and lyrically. It’s an age before the ‘heigh ho’ bit actually starts, but the build up to it is great. You hear it once, and it’s with you for life.

The Washing Song: Like a few of the songs here, a good part of this is spoken, the music bouncing around lightly in the background. This one is essentially entirely spoken – it’s definitely a lot more fun within the context of the movie – listening to this in a random shuffle or driving along feels very odd and of course it simply doesn’t work, though those whistles are catchy.

The Silly Song: Or the yodelling song. Do all yodels sound the same? I’m pretty sure they do. Nevertheless, this is still a bunch of fun. It’s a blending of spoken parts, singing chorus, and yodels and laughs. There’s a bit of everything here, time shifts, manic drumming, a tonne of instruments each having their moment, and a few different styles.

Someday My Prince Will Come: The first classic Disney Princess song, this one has been teaching ladies questionable lessons for close to a century. It’s very short, it starts with some spoken parts. I always find the ‘he was so romantic’ part very funny and find myself singing it around the house at inappropriate volumes. Again the pitch is pant-splittingly high, but the melody and message again – timeless.

Heigh Ho/One Song/Someday Reprises: You generally know what you’re going to get with reprises  -timely reminders of the main hooks. None of the reprises here really change the main idea, even though they may be played at different part in the movie where a different tone would be expected.

Music In Your Soup: So, it’s my first time hearing this. It’s fun, with silly lyrics and you can certainly feel that it was made for Snow White. It’s strange to think that almost nobody know this song, but had it been included in the movie that millions upon millions of people would likely know it by heart. I was expecting this to be more like a demo, but it is fully formed. It’s not the best song, but it has a care free charm like the other songs. The whole thing reminds me of a certain scene in Beauty And The Beast. 

You’re Never Too Old To Be Young: Same feelings as above really – old song, first heard, could have been another hit but was removed. It’s basically the same as The Silly Song – there is yodeling, some interesting and funny lyrics. It isn’t as manic or musically dense, but the lyrics have more relevance.

There you have it – one done, three hundred to go. Which song from the soundtrack is your favourite and of course, what do you like about the movie? Let us know in the comments!

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