Project X


Even quite some time after watching this, I’m in two minds over whether I can truly say I can enjoyed this film – on one hand there are funny and entertaining moments as the party escalates, but on the other it panders so hard to an invented subgroup of humans and is so filled with unlikable morons that it becomes laughably juvenile and worthless. There’s a fine idea here, and I have no issue with that idea being taken to the extreme, but the people involved and the people on screen are people who warrant zero attention.

The film’s formula follows the grand tradition of teens wanting to blow off steam – whether that be getting laid, kissing goodbye to school, having a party, or a combination of these. Two loser friends want to throw a party for their other loser friend whose parents are away for the weekend. Plans are put in place, the party kicks off, shit goes viral, and suddenly half the world has descended on the house, with reporters and cops eventually getting in on the action. It basically boils down to the bizarre logic that if your party is going to get out of hand you may as well make it the most epic party anyone has ever seen.

You see, I’m fine with parties where stuff gets broken, and everyone gets drunk, stoned, and has sex. I used to attend such parties not too long ago. They were fine, but I don’t understand this fascination with the party needing to be big and you needing to be accepted. Why would you want people you don’t like coming to your house? What sort of moron wants validation from people they claim to despise and by people who will never remember you once school ends? Why sell yourself out? I know this is me though, but the idea of all those people and all of that shitty music makes me want to have nothing to do with anyone who does like such things. I’ll happily stay in and read, thanks. You see, I have no problems being a loser or being an actual nerd – you know, a nerd before it was cool to be one.

What was I talking about? Yeah, it’s formulaic but it’s directed and styled perfectly for people who appreciate this sort of thing. It may well be the best movie about party’s ever, at least since Animal House – the difference being that Animal House felt genuinely anarchic, groundbreaking, and was of course funny. This is well-acted to the point that I did genuinely hate these people, and I did laugh a few times, and the sheer spectacle is ludicrous, but all of the bruh-aimed, misogynist, selfish bullshit is just annoying. It’s not like walking by a house or club and seeing the walls pulsate due to the music and energy and life breathing within, it’s creeping past the alleyway where the drunk kid slipping in his own pool of vomit is trying desperately not to shit himself. Who’s gonna clean all this up?

What did you think of Project X? I get it, I do, I’ve done half this stuff, but lets not celebrate it like it’s something worth achieving, m’kay?

Tell it like it is!

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