Movie Trailers 2016 # 9

* Note – originally written a few months ago

Look! Look at the things! Sparkly and new and full of intrigue, like a child fresh over the fields on the first day of Summer, shoving their hand into a muddy hole in the ground and yanking out fistfuls of gem-encrusted spiders. Why are they there? What do they do? Why are they biting me? MUMMY!? That’s right, it’s time for more trailers!

Almost Christmas


Never heard of it. Tired and grumpy Danny Glover. Haven’t seen him around for a while. Ensemble. White man. Balls in your mouth. Seems okay, usual raunchy humour.

Things To Know: A large family spends Christmas together for the first time since the death of the matriarch.

Whos To Know: Directed by David E Talbert (First Sunday) and starring Danny Glover, Gabrielle Union, and Omar Epps.

The Neon Demon (Trailer 1)


I’ve only started hearing about this recently, even though the trailer has been doing the rounds for months. Amazon Studios. I was going to enter their script-writing thing but I’m too lazy. Dreams. Modelling. Stylized. Ah right, Nic Refn, that would explain it. Catwalks. Getting a Black Swan vibe. Cold. Detached. Violence. Interesting enough, but I still have no idea what it’s about.

Things To Know: A psychological horror movie based in the world of fashion and modelling.

Whos To Know: Directed by Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive) and starring Elle Fanning, Christina Henricks, and Keanu Reeves.

When The Bough Breaks Trailer 1


Trying to have a baybee. Surrogate. She looks evil already. She gets a slap. She moves in. She strips. She dresses. Annnd she goes crazy. Women – amirite!?

Things To Know: The trailer pretty much tells you everything.

Whos To Know: Directed by Jon Cassar (La Femme Nikita), and starring Morris Chesnut, Regina Hall, and Jaz Sinclair.

The Birth Of A Nation (Teaser)


Pianos. Fields. Slavery? 12 Years with a religious twist. Uprising. Looks solid.

Things To Know: A drama based on the true life Nat Turner rebellion. Apologies, but this is the first I have heard of such things.

Whos To Know: Directed by and Starring Nate Parker (Non-Stop) and also featuring Armie Hammer and Penelope Ann Miller.

No Men Beyond This Point


Well, the trailer lists the movie as a mockumentary. First shots show the documentary style, appear to be talking about an alternative, fictional history. For some reason woman are now the dominant force on the planet with a much higher % of the population being female. Comedy. Satire. Stargate! Looks interesting and funny.

Things To Know: A mockumentary set in the modern day where heterosexual sex has almost vanished and the youngest man in the world is 37 – political parties fight over men’s rights.

Whos To Know: Directed by Mark Sawers and a bunch of people from Stargate – Patrick Gilmore, Peter Kelamis etc.

So, none of these five I will be seeing in the Cinema, but at least three of them I will catch on DVD or streaming. A decent mixture of genres here too. Let us know which you are looking forward to.

Tell it like it is!

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