England Is A Bitch

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Ok. 3: Good. 4: Great

Another early demo where the band showcase a fuzzy, frantic delivery. Although the lyrics are mostly indecipherable, you can tell from the title and some snippets that the band’s political sensibilities were already at the forefront of their minds – this was a band who had something to say aside and who wanted to be known for their brains, their viewpoints, as much as their sound and look. Opening with a militaristic drum beat the song is a fast-paced, riff-driven basic song, heavy, but light on the melodic side. The song comes to a stuttering end with bits of the guitars fading out and returning as if James walked out of the room for a few moments and knocked the amp over, or maybe someone was twiddling knobs afterwards.

England Is A Bitch: 1/Crap


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