Sunglass Aesthetic

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Ok. 3: Good. 4: Great

This early demo is one of the first two I ever heard from the band when I first started tracking down their rarities back in the late 90s. Subsequently, those two same songs are the ones I remember most fondly and the ones which I think are most memorable. I can recall the feeling of shock and joy hearing this the first time, enjoying how young the band sounded, asking myself if that was really James playing and singing, wondering what the hell band looked like when they recorded the demo, and simply appreciating the energy and fun that comes off the song. James has a good riff to lead the song, muting it at some points, letting rip at others, while there is a terrific early solo and some other catastrophic noise-oriented playing later. I’ve no idea what most of the lyrics are, what the song is about, but at this point such matters are pretty irrelevant – it’s the sound of a band filled with hope and spunk and simply writing and enjoying whatever rubbish pops into their heads – as all great bands must do. Unsurprisingly I can’f find this on Youtube, so click below for a bonus video!

Sunglass Aesthetic: 2/Ok



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