The Masses Against The Classes

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Ok. 3: Good. 4: Great

This single falls into my B-Sides and Rarities category because it doesn’t feature on any studio album. It is neither a B-Side, nor a rarity given that it was a British number 1 single. In fact, it was the first UK Number 1 of the 21st Century. Sonically, the band return to a more rock and punk oriented sound after the more commercial releases of This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours. The band were aware of much of the criticism from the press and from their own fans and both the lyrics and sound reflect that – both mocking those silly claims that the band sold out by becoming successful. How many number 1, or top 100 songs can you name that open with a Noam Chomsky quote and end with one by Camus? How many hits can you name where the writers actively dismiss claims by some of their most hardened ardent fans?

The song is a worthy number 1 hit, superb opening, fierce guitars, and the expected powerful melodies from a band at the top of their commercial game. The song also hinted towards what the band would sound like in much of their upcoming album Know Your Enemy. It’s loud, angry, the solo is brief and furious, and you just don’t get songs like this anywhere near the top of the charts anymore.

The Masses Against The Classes: 4/Great



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