New Art Riot

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Ok. 3: Good. 4: Great


The lead song from the band’s first official signed release is a delicious slice of latter day punk. The first thing to notice is the sudden leap in quality between the early demos and singles and what we have here. The production is limitlessly better obviously, but the songwriting on display is much more mature to the point that the band actually sound marketable here, and both the vocals and playing sound professional – it sounds like The Manics in other words.

The punchy song is a stuttering attack on the spiritless music of the time, harmful politics, stuttering musically as drums and guitars form a dual attack which pounces and retreats like a military skirmish. Both drums and guitars are superb, metal style machine gun thumps and frenetic soloing, the lyrics are the angry sloganeering which caught the attention of the press with most lines hitting the mark. The vocals are a little too soft and mellow compared with later, live versions of the song (which of course I listen to more so the original always sounds a bit odd to me – can’t find any on Youtube though), but again that adds a different charm. It’s a superb introduction to the world, and a fine starting place for anyone interested in learning more about the band.

Misheard Lyrics: 1. Your futuramas! And your future ideas!

2. Running From A Nutter

3. Nude scenes ovens Tripoli wash their hands!

Actual Lyrics: 1. Vintage aromas and vintage ideals.

2. Waiting For A Knighthood

3. Museums are dead take a new art stance

New Art Riot: 4/Great


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