This Girl’s Got Nothing

Generic Ratings: 1: Crap. 2: Okay. 3: Good. 4: Great

I couldn’t find an upload of this song, but click the link below for a bonus video!

This is the other ‘first song’ I encountered when I started to hunt down the early Manics demos, and it may have the best melodies and most memorable sound of the lot. Opening with a jangled US beach rock riff, James proceeds to belt out hilarious anti-Manics lyrics over perfectly catchy melodies. There are moments when the vocals collapse and sound either awful or incredibly funny – same goes for the playing for the most part.

Again, for massive Manics fans this one is a real delight and is bound to put a smile on your face – another song which shows a very young band in search of the sound that would define them and not giving two shits what they sounded like in the moment, or what anyone thought. For everyone outside of that niche group, this is slightly less unlistenable when compared with the other early demos.

Misheard Lyric: The lyrics here are pretty basic so I can’t see anyone getting them wrong.

This Girl’s Got Nothing: 3/Good



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